Love the Land, and the Land will Love You in Return!

Company provides best future return solutions for all. A structured & productive concept for everyone to get more benefited. The Foundation is made of different expert leaders & professional management team .We has vision to create a simple way for everyone to earn from the proposed smart business solution.

Is the understanding of that mutually beneficial relationship between the soil, plants and man. We are committed to first, bringing this awareness to each farmer highlighting the benefits of using a regenerative, bio-organic approach to agriculture. better health and a system that will increase returns over time.

Loving the Land

Means that the mother who cared for the soil, received produce with highest nutritional value for the physical and mental development of her children.

Loving the land

Means that policy makers who are looking for long-term genuine food security, wanting to take care of the soil and grow highest quality produce to create the strongest national population will achieve those goals.

Loving the land

Provided for that farmer who wanted higher returns for his quality produce to ensure long-term economic security for his family.

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Paithani – A Legendary Craft from Maharashtra

A traditional fabric of rich finery, the Paithani saree of Aurangabad, Maharashtra is a splendid combination of pure silk and fine silver zari. Exquisitely hand-woven with beautiful motifs, this grand saree is known for its characteristic borders and the peacock design on the pallu.

The Paithani sarees of Maharashtra speak of traditional finery that has sparkle and dazzle. A rich fabric that employs pure silk threads and silver dipped zari, it is a garish display that makes the saree both high-priced and special.

The rich-look Paithani sarees have a plain or spotted body, a characteristic square design with its variations on the colored borders and a typical Peacock design on the pallu or end-piece.

Known for the more popular kaleidoscopic variety that displays a fine shimmering effect on account of more than one colored silk thread being used in the weave, this saree of pure silk and silver zari is not only costly but also a much sought after and prized possession on account of the richness of the fabric.

A plain weave, the Paithani gets its exquisite look from the special way in which the pure silk weft interstices with the silver zari on the warp. There could be two different borders for the body which would involve different silk wefts for the borders and body.

Agriculture Kit Organic

Bio-organic approach to agriculture. better health and a system that will increase returns over time. Long term genuine food security, wanting to take care of the soil and grow highest quality plant and fruits.

Lady Anion : Sanitary Napkins

These pads are not to be confused with generally higher absorbency incontinence pads. Which are worn by women who have urinary incontinence problems or experience stress incontinence. Menstrual pads may be used by some people for this purpose.

Linen : Shirt and Pant Piece

Linen is textile made from the fibers of the flax plant. Linen is laborious to manufacture, but the fiber is very absorbent and garments made of linen are valued for their exceptional coolness and freshness in hot weather. Many products are made of linen : Men's wear.

Health Kit-Foot Patches

The foot patch naturally Draws toxins out of yours body and promotes overall health, these powerfull foot pads help by supporting the immune system and improving energy.this product will help improve sleep and may also help with allergies, anxiety, and indigestion.

The Benefits Of Drinking Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe vera juice is alkalizing

Our blood has to be slightly on the alkaline side to maintain good health. The body tries to maintain the blood pH between 7.35 and 7.45. However, pH may occasionally decrease due to many reasons. When it goes below 7.35, we become prone to many diseases. This condition is referred to as acidosis.
All foods of animal origin have an acidifying effect. Alcohol and carbohydrates also work the same way. When our diet has high amounts of acidifying foods and not enough of vegetables and fruits that have the opposite effect, it alters the blood pH. Another common reason for lowering of blood alkalinity is high levels of CO2 in the blood due to some respiratory problem. Certain disease conditions like diabetes can also cause acidosis.
Aloe vera juice has an alkalizing effect on the body. Faster elimination of acidifying foods from the body is one of the ways in which it raises alkalinity. Increasing the oxygenation of blood may be another supporting mechanism. When you feel under the weather, it could be just that you have developed mild acidosis. Drink Aloe vera juice to restore balance; you will immediately feel the difference.

Aloe vera has an anti-inflammatory effect

Many chronic diseases, including Type II diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and arthritis, are caused by inflammation. Although it is part of the body's mechanism to repair damage to tissues and organs, inflammation itself can become a problem.
The demonstrable anti-inflammatory effect of Aloe vera is partially attributed to the presence of plant steroids such as Campesterol, Lupeol and ß-Sitosterol. They inhibit the inflammatory process initiated by the damaged tissues. Another way Aloe vera juice combats inflammation is by blocking the production of prostaglandins and histamines.
Localized anti-inflammatory effect is what makes Aloe vera great for burns and wound healing. But the more general anti-inflammatory effect is a boon to people with arthritis, IBS, heart disease, and Crohn's disease.

Aloe vera juice is a digestive aid

This is one of the oldest uses of Aloe vera, apart from the external uses of the gel. Digestive problems usually result from gas, excess acidity, and inflammation of the stomach and intestinal lining.
Mild gastrointestinal infections, food toxins and allergies can also manifest as indigestion. Food waste remaining in the digestive tract for longer period results in the accumulation of toxic substances and their re-absorption through the lining of the stomach.
Aloe vera juice can relieve stomach upsets and restore normal digestion irrespective of the underlying cause since it has a wide range of beneficial actions. It is antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory.
It prevents the microbes from latching on to the lining of the stomach and intestines and protects them from the action of toxins and allergens. It facilitates the easy movement of food particles through the digestive tract and promotes their faster elimination.
Drinking 2 oz. of Aloe vera juice 2-3 times a day for a week is one of the most effective and safest ways to get rid of all your digestive problems. It is a time-tested practice as is evident by its documented use by the Greek physician Dioscorides in first century A.D. People with peptic ulcers and irritable bowel syndrome particularly benefit from a course of this treatment.

Aloe vera habit promotes regularity

Irregularity of bowel movements is said to be the underlying cause of many diseases, including cancer. It makes sense because we know that digestion of food produces a number of toxic byproducts that can damage the lining of the colon and rectum.
Taking Aloe vera juice everyday will ensure regular bowel movements. This natural beverage is a great alternative to other laxatives which are harsh on the digestive system. While the aloe latex obtained from Aloe ferox was earlier used as a laxative to purge the body of toxins, it is no longer popular. The juice and gel of Aloe vera, on the other hand, has a milder action, mainly from the soluble fiber and the mucilage in the meaty portion of the leaf. It just sets things in motion by providing sufficient lubrication.

Aloe vera detoxifies the body

Aloe vera juice gets rid of toxic substances in the contents of the stomach and the intestines by quickly moving them down the tract and out of the body. Not only that, the gelatinous juice absorbs toxins and renders them inactive by binding with them.
The detoxifying action of Aloe vera juice is not limited to the digestive tract. Regular use ensures generalized elimination of circulating toxins in the body. Drastic detoxification measures such as colon cleanse and salt water cleanse may not be necessary if you drink a small cup of Aloe vera juice every morning and night.